Everybody likes a compliment.

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What is a Cat Compliment?

The Cat Compliment program lets you publicly appreciate any Rains ISD employee who goes above and beyond what is expected. Whether you are a parent inspired by the passion your child's teacher added to a lesson, or you're a coworker who wants to acknowledge a custodian who brightens your day - YOU can send a Cat Compliment!

How does it work?

Anyone can nominate any Rains ISD employee. Click the link on this page to fill out the nomination form, and a certificate will be created with your name (if you choose to leave one) and an appreciation message for your nominee.

Once a month, the Superintendent will gather all certificates and nominal tokens to present to all employees who have received a Cat Compliment.

What does a nominee get?

The Cat Compliment program will include:

  • Supervisors, including the superintendent, will see the Cat Compliment.

  • A certificate with the nominator’s name and message of encouragement will be given for display.

  • The employee will get a nominal token of appreciation that lets everyone know he or she was given a Cat Compliment from the superintendent.

  • Campuses may provide additional recognition for Cat Compliment recipients.

  • Cat Compliment recipients are listed on this webpage to publicly recognize the employee's dedication and service.

2023-24 Recipients