District Directory

School Directory

Rains Elementary 903-473-2222 ext. 3106
Rains Intermediate 903-473-2222 ext. 8008
Rains Junior High 903-473-2222 ext. 2106
Rains High School 903-473-2222 ext. 1401

Athletics 903-473-2222 ext. 4117
Food Service 903-473-2222 ext. 2124
Heath Services 903-473-2222 ext. 2154
Operations 903-473-2222 ext. 4146
PEIMS 903-473-2222 ext. 4416
Special Education 903-473-2222 ext. 4119
Transportation 903-473-2222 ext. 4146

District Police 903-473-2222 ext. 4136

District Fax 903-473-3053

Central Administration

Superintendent- Jennifer Johnson
Asst. Superintendent of Finance- Jeff Fisher
Director of Curriculum/Instruction- Rachel Bounds

Campus Administration

Elementary Principal- Bill Morgan
Elementary Dean of Students- Lori Dickens

Intermediate Principal- J.C. Vance
Intermediate Asst. Principal- Amy Holmes

Junior High Principal- Jennifer Melton
Junior High Asst. Principal- Nicole Timmons

High School Principal- Dr. Lindsay Morgan
Asst. HS Principal- Jackie Russell
HS Dean of Students- Jennifer Moore

Department Administration

Director of Special Education- Donna Morgan
Director of Health Services- Trinity Edwards
Director of Technology- Lisa J. Clark
Director of Operations- Janice Foley
Director of Federal Programs/Accountability/PEIMS- Holly Wasson
Director of Maintenance/Transportation- Jesse Brubaker
Director of Food Services- Courtney Short
Athletic Director- Charlie Coker

Campus Behavior Coordinators

Rains High School
Lindsay Morgan
903-473-2222 ext. 1414

Rains Junior High
Jennifer Melton
903-473-2222 ext. 2106

Rains Intermediate School
JC Vance
903-473-2222 ext. 8008

Rains Elementary School
Bill Morgan
903-473-2222 ext. 3108

Rains Elementary
372 FM 3299
Emory, Texas 75440


Phone: 903-473-2222 x3106
Fax: 903-473-3053


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Rains Intermediate
409 FM 3299
Emory, Texas 75440


Phone: 903-473-2222 x8008
Fax: 903-473-3053


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Rains Junior High
1755 W. U.S. HWY 69
Emory, Texas 75440


Phone: 903-473-2222 x2106
Fax: 903-473-3053


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Rains High School
1651 W. US HWY 69
Emory, Texas 75440


Phone: 903-473-2222 x1401
Fax: 903-473-3053


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