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ESSER III  The Intent: to help safely reopen and sustain the safe operation of school and address the student impact of the covid-19 pandemic  Timeline:  The application is due July 27, 2021. The grand period is from 3/13/20-9/30/24. The plan is to spread it out over the next 5 years. Safety/Sanitation: Maintenance for improvement in air quality Implementing safety protocols Maintain the operation and continuity of services of Rains ISD Student Impact:  Social and Emotional: school closure, hardships, homelessness Academic: school closure, summer gap, same standards Mandatory use - 20% 20% of the funds are required to go to evidence-based interventions to focus on student academics, social, and emotional needs. It also must address the greater impact that certain student populations experienced in the past year due to Covid-19.  Rains ISD Intent: Rains ISD's intent for this grant is to support students and staff by addressing the learning loss that occurred due to the pandemic while maintaining a safe place for instruction.  For more information visit

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