Graduation Plans

Here you will find some practical suggestions for students and parents to make the most of your high school program.

Practical Planning for Seniors

  • Plan a schedule with rigorous coursework and activities. Colleges look at courses and grades in making admission decisions and students must be prepared to compete academically on the college campus.

  • Take pre-AP and/or Dual Credit courses to experience a college level curriculum. Colleges look for pre-AP and dual credit designations on high school transcripts.

  • Schedule core curriculum courses in the senior year even if graduation requirements for the course have been completed. Students must focus on preparation for future academic pursuits.

  • Review your Grade Point Average (GPA) and your test scores to make wise choices on courses for the senior year and for college entrance requirements.

  • Participate in school-related activities and community service. Institutes of higher learning strongly encourage student involvement in activities along with academics.

  • Update your resume/portfolio of accomplishments.

  • Attend college fairs (RHS will go to TVCC).

  • Plan college visits during the fall semester. The district allows two college visits during your senior year.

  • Get organized. Mark your calendar with deadline events. Mark files for each school and scholarship. Keep copies of all applications.

  • Review SAT/ACT scores and take again in early fall, if necessary.

  • Make sure SAT/ACT scores have been forwarded to colleges in which you have interest.

  • Take TSI if you are attending a Texas public college or university. Check with your counselor to see if STAAR, ACT, or SAT scores exempt you from the test.

  • Attend Financial Aid Night at Rains High School in the fall.

  • Prepare to do taxes early. FASFA, the financial aid form, requires figures from parent and student completed tax returns.

  • Complete FAFSA as early as October 1st. Priority deadline for Texas Public Schools is mid-March.

  • Check admissions, housing and scholarship deadlines for schools still on your list. Many deadlines fall as early as November.

  • Apply to your choice colleges prior to deadline.

  • Search and apply for scholarships early and meet all deadlines. Use the internet for scholarship searches, plus college websites for campus scholarships.

  • Wait for decisions from institutions. Make final decision and notify college of your choice.

  • Request final transcript to be sent to the college you plan to attend.