Rains ISD School Surveys

What is a school survey?

Each year, Rains ISD sends out a series of surveys to get an idea of how our community is learning in, feeling about, and communicating with the district.

What survey do I take?

Take the survey that corresponds with your status at Rains. You may be taking more than one survey. For example if you are a faculty member with two students in first and eighth grade, you would be taking the Staff survey and Parent survey, and your kids would take the K-5 Student and 6-12 Student surveys.

Who sees the survey results?

Rains ISD administration will use the composite results of all the surveys to make decisions about programs and improve practices around the district. No individual names will be included in these reports, so please be honest with your answers and experience.

Where else can I find these surveys?

You can start by simply clicking the buttons on this page, or links were sent out via SMS, email, the Rains ISD App, and social media.

QR Codes have also been placed in every campus and scanning those codes would also take you to the survey you need.