Operations and Transportation

We Are Hiring - Transportation Graphic

Rains ISD Operations Department is looking for dedicated substitutes & full-time workers.

If interested, please contact:
Jesse Brubaker, Director of Operations
(903) 473-2222 ext. 4125

To apply please visit the Human Resources page of rainsisd.org.

The privilege of pupils to ride the school bus is conditional on their good behavior and observance of the following rules and regulations. Any pupil who fails to comply with any of these rules may be denied transportation services and shall be subject to disciplinary action.  The cooperation of the parents and the student is needed to maintain proper conduct at the bus stop and on the buses. The parent or guardian, for reference during the school year, should keep these regulations.

  • A student’s privilege to ride the bus may be suspended immediately in the case of a serious offense.

  • If your student needs to ride the bus to a different location than there designated bus stop, they will need a note with a contact number taken to the office the morning of the change and signed by the office before the student will be able to get off at different location.

  • Because of over-crowding additional students coming home with your child will need a note from their parents a day before, so the transportation will be able to honor the request. The note must be taken to the office and signed by the principal. The principal will give the student a bus pass to ride the bus.

  • A note must be sent or a phone call (call before 2:00 PM) if you want your child to be picked up after school. Otherwise, he/she will be put on their usual bus.

If you have any questions concerning the transportation of your student please call the transportation office and speak with the director at (903) 473-2222, ext. 4143 or 4151 between the hours of 8 A.M. and 2:30 PM.