10 Things We're Grateful for at Rains ISD

‘Tis the season of giving thanks, and we here at Rains ISD have so much to be grateful for, so we’ve rounded up 10 things to share with you.

1. Students who strive for excellence in everything they do.

Our Wildcats are unparalleled. Students are constantly working hard and discovering new things about themselves and the world around them.

2. Teachers who never give up.

This profession is not an easy one. So many factors contribute to the success of a classroom and, even though they are pulled in a million directions, our teachers show up every day dedicated to making a difference for their students, for their team, for their school, and for their community.

3. Staff members who keep the wheels turning.

We could not be the school we are without the hardest working individuals who do all of the extras: delivering the kids to and from school, keeping the lights on, cleaning rooms, cooking the food, managing the attendance, and keeping everything operating. It takes a village and we are proud to say we have the best!

4. An Admin team with the vision for the future.

Our administrators encourage and inspire us every day to dream big, work hard, and celebrate every milestone along the way.

5. Community members who go above and beyond.

We are so fortunate to have so many community advocates helping build our school culture. We see your hard work on our behalf and value everything you bring to the table.

6. CTE instructors building paths for student futures.

Rains ISD has some incredible opportunities for students to gain real world experience and certifications, and this would not be possible without the amazing professionals lending their expertise.

7. Challenges to grow from.

Life without challenges is a life without growth. We are grateful for the humbling moments that have brought us together as a community and shown us that we are stronger together.

8. Experiences to learn from.

So many wonderful things happen across our district. We’ve had speakers share their stories, mobile STEM labs inspiring student creativity, obstacle courses and dance parties celebrating achievements, and through every experience comes a lesson we keep forever.

9. Being a Wildcat!

With success for our students through UIL academics, fine arts, athletics, and in the classroom, it’s easy to love being a Wildcat!

10. Magic Moments.

So many things are happening around the world and in our own community every day. We are grateful to take in the small moments: Students helping a friend, a first year teacher’s “Aha!” moment during a PLC, a gym full of noise after the winning point is scored. We are grateful every day to share those moments with you, and we thank you for coming along for the ride.