7 Ways to Stay in Touch with Your School

Today is National School Communicators Day and to celebrate we’re sharing 7 ways you can stay in touch with all the things happening at Rains ISD!

1. Update your information in Skyward.

This is by far the most important item on this list. Make sure all of your contact information is up to date in your child’s Skyward account so you’ll receive notifications when we send out emails, phone calls, or text alerts.

Find more information and the Skyward Family Access link here: https://www.rainsisd.org/page/...

2. Get the Rains ISD app.

The app is the fastest way to get up-to-the-minute updates straight to your phone. Turn on notifications to receive updates for your student’s campus, athletic events, emergency alerts, and more. Check the menus and the athletics sections for updated information right when you need it.

Learn more about the Rains ISD app and find it on your Apple or Google Play store here: https://www.rainsisd.org/artic...

3. Follow us on social media.

We LOVE sharing good news and stories from around the district on our Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter channels. Follow us at @rainsisd (Facebook and Instagram) and @rains_isd (Twitter) to stay updated on all the happy things!

4. Check out our website.

Rainsisd.org is an incredible resource for staff, families, and students alike. Check out available programs, find public financial and planning information, and check out each campus's resources designated to help our community prosper.

Parent Resource Center  |  Student Resource Center  |  Rains County Community Resources

5. Make sure you're receiving campus communications.

Each campus principal communicates with their families in their own special way. Some prefer a newsletter while others prefer to go live on Facebook. However your principal likes to communicate, be sure to tune in and you’ll get tons of great updates on things happening around your child’s school.

Rains Elementary  |  Rains Intermediate  |  Rains Junior High  |  Rains High School

6. Subscribe to the Wildcat Legends Network.

Rains High School A/V Production classes have done a wonderful job of covering events happening around the district on their weekly YouTube shows and podcast. If you’d prefer to listen to your news, check out this resource.

Wildcat Legends on YouTube  |  WLN Radio Spotify Podcast

7. Join a parent/family organization.

Rains ISD is blessed to have incredible PTOs, booster clubs, an Education Foundation, and volunteer groups who constantly show up to support our students and staff. If you’d prefer to put words into action, consider getting involved in one of these organizations.

Find more RISD community volunteer opportunities here: https://www.rainsisd.org/artic...

Rains ISD is dedicated to building relationships with our community in order to create a culture of trust, support, and high expectations for our students and staff to grow and succeed. We try our best to keep the community informed about things happening around the district, and we celebrate the experiences of our wildcat family along the way.