Cat Compliment graphic text over gold lapel pin

Are you a parent who wants to recognize a teacher for the inspiration they've been for your child? Are you a coworker who wants to acknowledge your campus custodian for brightening your day? Maybe you're a community member who thinks the Human Resources Manager doesn't hear often enough that they're doing a good job.


Rains ISD is pleased to introduce an initiative that allows fellow staff and community members the opportunity to publicly appreciate any Rains ISD employee who goes above and beyond what is expected.

Anyone can nominate any Rains ISD employee. Click the link on this page to fill out the nomination form, and a certificate will be created with your name (if you choose to leave one) and an appreciation message for your nominee.

Nominees are recognized monthly and will receive:

  • Supervisors, including the superintendent, will see the Cat Compliment.

  • A certificate with the nominator’s name and message of encouragement will be given for display.

  • The employee will get a thank you note from the superintendent and a nominal token of appreciation that lets everyone know he or she was given a Cat Compliment.

  • Campuses may provide additional recognition for Cat Compliment recipients.

  • Cat Compliment recipients are listed on a public webpage to recognize the employee's dedication and service.

Find more information, send your own Cat Compliment, and view the 2021-2022 Recipients HERE.